Image Retrieval/Generation for Arguments 2024


We allow three kinds of submissions. Each of the submission styles is displayed in the example.

  1. Retrieval. Like in the last years, participants can retrieve suitable images from a focused crawl, where we also provide automatically recognized text from the image (OCR) and text from web pages that contain the image.
  2. Prompted Generation. Following the idea of the infinite index, participants can submit prompts for the Stable Diffusion image generator.
  3. Direct. Participants can employ other reproducible methods for generating images and directly submit them. This includes chart generators, which can generate a bar chart from given numbers in the premise. Also, one can use headline generators to transform the premise into a headline.
Images can be rated in several ways.
Rating Description
-1 The image is not related to the argument
0 The image is very general related to the argument or emphasizes things which are not displayed
1 The image relates to the premise and illustrates at least parts of the premise. Some showed details are in conflict with the premise.
2 The image relates to the premise, and illustrates parts of the premise. The picture does not explicitly show things that conflict with the premise.


Let's look at some pictures we can use for discussion


Premise: Indiana’s photo ID law barred twelve retired nuns in South Bend, Indiana from voting in that state’s 2008 Democratic primary election. The women lacked the photo IDs required under a state law that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in April 2008

Claim: Legislation to impose restrictive photo ID requirements has the potential to block millions of eligible American voters, and thus suppress the right to vote

Topic: This house believes that democratic governments should require voters to present photo identification at the polling station>

Type: Anecdotal

Let's look at some possible pictures and their rating:

Example - Images

Submitted Images - Relevance: -1

pope greeting.
poster of the nun.

These images are not relevant to the topic at all. While the Pope may be more broadly associated with nuns, this is too abstract. The movie "The Nun" includes nuns, but we just see the movie poster, which has nothing to do with our premise.

Submitted Images - Relevance: 0

nun with cat
two nuns standing.
nun voting paper.
two and a half nuns.

These pictures are very general, in general we see some nuns. The premise of the argument mentions nuns, but the nuns in these pictures are doing things that are not mentioned in the premise. We might see a ballot and nuns, but this is not clearly recognizable.

Submitted Images - Relevance: 1

young nun at voting station.
young nun at voting station.
pyoung nun at voting station.

Here we begin to see the premise in the images, we see nuns and they are casting votes, although the details are not correct, the premise mentions a group of nuns, and the nuns themselves are retired.

Submitted Images - Relevance: 2

young nun at voting station.
young nun at voting station.

These pictures illustrate the premise in a good way. We see older nuns, and we see the aspect of voting.

An alternative system of voting, counting of possible aspects

Rating Description
-1 picture has nothing to do with the argument
0 picture is very general related to the argument or emphasizes things which are not displayed
1 picture conveys at least two aspects of the premise
2 picture conveys at least three aspects of the premise

In addition pictures can be aesthetically pleasing, we introduce an extrapoint for aesthetics or composition. E.g. one likes the conversation