Contact and Communication

Participation HowTo

Shared task participation:

  1. Registration and data download: [registration] [data]
  2. Research and development at your site.
  3. Evaluation on TIRA: [guide] (see Section 3.4)
  4. Publication of results: [template] [code]

Other participation options (contact us):

  • Submit new data.
  • Submit new performance measure.
  • Organize a shared task.
  • Organize an event.


  • TIRA: for software submission
  • Github: for code sharing

Submission Terms

  • Authors retain copyright of their software and data.
  • Authors provide usage rights to Touché and TIRA for the purpose of publication and evaluation.
  • Authors may revoke usage rights at any time.
  • Use of TIRA is at the author's risk.
  • The choice of license rests with the authors.
  • When using a third party resource, cite its authors.