Touché at CLEF

The CLEF Initiative (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum) is a self-organized body whose main mission is to promote research, innovation, and development of information access systems with an emphasis on multilingual and multimodal information with various levels of structure. Since 2020, CLEF has hosted Touché evaluation labs, providing for excellent venues each time.

CLEF'24 logo
Touché at CLEF'24

September 9-12, Grenoble, France

CLEF'23 logo
Touché at CLEF'23

September 18-21, Thessaloniki, Greece

CLEF'22 logo
Touché at CLEF'22

September 5-9, Bologna, Italy

CLEF'21 logo
Touché at CLEF'21

September 21-24, Bucharest, Romania

CLEF'20 logo
Touché at CLEF'20

September 22-25, Thessaloniki, Greece

Touché Workshops