Touché 2020

1st Shared Task on Argument Retrieval

Collocated with CLEF 2020 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Evaluations will commence from January till June. The conference will be in the week from September 22-25, 2020.


Decision making processes, be it at the societal or at the personal level, eventually come to a point where one side will challenge the other with a why-question, which is a prompt to justify one’s stance. Thus, technologies for argument mining and argumentation processing are maturing at a rapid pace, giving rise for the first time to argument retrieval. We invite to participate in the first lab on Argument Retrieval at CLEF 2020 featuring two subtasks:

(1) retrieval in a focused argument collection to support argumentative conversations;
(2) retrieval in a generic web crawl to answer comparative questions with argumentative results.

Should you have questions contact us via


November 22, 2019: Training data available, competition begins. 
February 01, 2020: Submission system opens.
TBA : Leader board (TIRA).
TBA : Submission system closed (23:59 PM UTC), manual evaluation begins.


Will be added on November 22.


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