Making informed decisions and forming opinions on a matter often involves not only weighing pro and con arguments towards different options, but also considering cause-effect relationships for one's actions. Our goal is to foster and support the development of technologies for argument and causal retrieval and analysis. We invite you to participate in the 4th Touché lab on argument and causal retrieval at CLEF 2023 featuring four tasks. Read about Touché tasks [Touché papers].

Shared Tasks

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Important Dates

  • November, 2022: Registration open [register].
  • December, 31 2022: Query submission for image retrieval task [submit your query].
  • April, 28 2023: Registration closes.
  • May, 2 10 2023: Approaches submission deadline (extended) Note: submission deadline for Task 4 is May, 12.
  • June, 5 2023: Participant paper submission [template] [short instructions] [full instructions] [submit].
  • Mid June, 2023: Evaluation results out.
  • June, 23 2023: Peer review notification.
  • July, 7 2023: Camera-ready participant papers submission. [template] [short instructions] [full instructions] [submit].
  • September 18-21, 2023: CLEF Conference and Touché Workshop.
  • September 21, 2023: Touché Workshop on Argument and Causal Retrieval.

All deadlines are 23:59 CEST.


Touché is part of the CLEF 2023 conference program. All session times below are given in Thessaloniki local time (EEST).

Thursday, September 21. Touché: Argument and Causal Retrieval Workshop [slides]
Session 1: Argument Retrieval for Controversial Questions
11:35-11:45Overview of Task 1 on Argument Retrieval for Controversial Questions (Alexander Bondarenko) [paper]
11:45-12:00Argument Quality Prediction for Ranking Documents (Moritz Plenz) [paper] [slides]
Session 2: Evidence Retrieval for Causal Questions
12:00-12:10Overview of Task 2 on Evidence Retrieval for Causal Questions (Alexander Bondarenko) [paper]
12:10-12:20Evidence Retrieval for Causal Questions Using Query Expansion and Reranking
Session 3: Image Retrieval for Arguments
12:20-12:30Overview of Task 3 on Image Retrieval for Arguments (Johannes Kiesel) [paper]
12:30-12:45Matching Images and Keywords with CLIP (Fatihah Ulya Hakiem) [slides]
12:45-13:00Comparing Image Generation, Stance Detection and Feature Matching for Image Retrieval for Arguments (Sarah Bachinger, Maximilian Enderling, and Max Möbius)
Session 4: Multilingual Multi-Target Stance Classification
14:00-14:10Overview of Task 4 on Multilingual Multi-Target Stance Classification (Valentin Barriere) [paper]
14:10-14:25Intra-Multilingual Multi-Target Stance Classification using BERT (Karla Schaefer) [slides]
Special Session
14:25-14:45Best of Touché 2022: Neural Image Retrieval for Argumentation (Tobias Schreieder and Jan Braker) [paper] [slides]
14:45-15:00Closing: remarks, plenary discussion, future plans
Poster session takes place on September 18 for all CLEF participants

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